Extra Virgin Olive Oil Wraps

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Wraps Introduced by La Tortilla Factory
3 organic and 3 conventional EVOO Wraps are first to market.
SONOMA COUNTY, CA-Spring 2005, La Tortilla Factory has launched an "EVOO-lution" with today's announcement of their new line of healthy wraps made with extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). The new EVOO line includes both Organic and Conventional Wraps.

The three Organic EVOO options are: "Organic Flour Wraps made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil"; Organic Whole Wheat Wraps made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil", and, Organic Wheat and Brown Rice Wraps made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil."

The three options for the conventional EVOO wraps are: "White Flour Wraps made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil"; Tomato Basil Wraps made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil"; and, "Rosemary Wraps make with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

"Our new EVOO wraps are a natural evolution of our line because our company has a three-generation history of baking products that are both great-tasting and health-focused," explained Willie Tamayo, V.P. of Sales for La Tortilla Factory. "We understand that different families have differing health needs, which is why it's our goal to offer a choice of healthy options. This philosophy is what led us to introduce the first fat free tortillas and the first low carb tortillas. We also offer low fat and low calorie tortillas and our popular organic line," he continued.

Extra virgin olive oil has long been extolled for its health benefits, and last November it gained even more attention when the government acknowledged that the monounsaturated fats in olive oil may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. La Tortilla Factory uses only pure, unfiltered EVOO in their wraps. In addition, these wraps are trans-fat free and a good source of fiber.

But even with all the health focus, flavor remains the single most important ingredient in the new EVOO line. Mike Tamayo, VP of Research and Development, spent as much time identifying and sourcing the other ingredients as he did the on the pure, unfiltered extra virgin olive oil. His recipes shun typical manufacturers' ingredients such as dehydrated onion or dried peppers, because the duller flavors don't meet La Tortilla Factory standards. He also believes that the decision to use non-dried ingredients result in wraps that are not simply more flavorful, but also more healthful. For example, using real onion juice means the wraps contain the antioxidant Quercetin, while the Tomato Basil Wraps have the powerful antioxidant, Lycopene.

These new EVOO wraps will launch in supermarkets nation-wide in March. The Organic EVOO Wraps are 10-inch size, while the EVOO Conventional Wraps are 9-1/2 inches. Both come six to a package.

Located in the rolling hills of Sonoma County's wine country, La Tortilla Factory was founded by the Tamayo Family in 1977 and is still family-owned and operated. Their tortillas have been acclaimed in popular, national health magazines including Shape, Prevention and Muscle & Fitness. The company is certified by the American Institute of Baking.


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