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Intranet and HR Intranet Builder
Jadworks' intranet builder allows you to easily create your own secure company intranet. To get you started, our HR intranet template includes a pre-populated content structure for Human Resources documents, forms and policies and procedures.

Do more With Jadworks, including… Reduce intranet management time * Share documents * Post calendar events * Follow discussions blogs * Post and Share Announcements * Expand HRIS Functionality * Support Multiple Location * Manage Employee Information * Publish an Online Employee Directory and Company Phone List * Build a Managers Toolkit * Manage Projects * Provide Employees and Vendors with a Bulleting Board * Enable Employee Self-service * Search and find information faster * Increase productivity * Work more easily with coworkers, clients, and vendors * easily customize your website, intranet or hr intranet. Learn More...

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Set up an online client resource area — a secure area where customers can log in and access product upgrades, documentation and other product
Your information will become more valuable — thanks to better distribution, access and security. Collaborate or manage projects in a
secure space.
Website: Could it be this easy to build a website?  Absolutely. Easily create and manage a secure HR Intranet.
Intranet: A secure online environment for all your valued information. Call Jadworks to learn more at 888-203-8425.
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