Collaboration and Communications

  HR Intranet Activity Tracker
  HR Intranet Blog and Discussion
  HR Intranet Calendar
  HR Intranet Electronic Signature
  HR Intranet Email Notification
  HR Intranet New User Notification

Content Management

  Calendar Entry for HR Intranet (s)
  Entry Sort Feature for HR Content Management
  HR Intranet Automatic Thumbnail Generator
  HR Intranet Builder
  HR Intranet Content Lifecycling
  HR Intranet Content Location Builder
  HR Intranet File Uploader
  HR Intranet Global Site Content Manager
  HR Intranet Highlights Menu
  HR Intranet Rich Text Editor
  Link Builder for HR Intranet
  Real Time HR Intranet Editing

Design Look and Feel

  HR Intranet Design Image Uploader
  HR Intranet Header and Footer Builder
  HR Intranet HTML Page Builder
  HR Intranet Logo Uploader
  HR Intranet Style-sheet Builder (CSS)
  HR Intranet Style sheet Builder
  HR Intranet Templates

Search and Find

  Go To HR Intranet Picklist
  HR Intranet Full-text search integration
  HR Intranet User Profiles
  User HR Intranet Participation

Search Engine Optimization

  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Security and Access

  HR Intranet
  HR Intranet Administration

Statistics and Reporting

  HR Intranet Employee Directory
  HR Intranet Reporting Site Statistics (Users, Documents, Size)
  HR Intranet User Directory
  Website, Intranet and HR Intranet Section ‘Top Hits’

Website and Intranet Administration

  HR Intranet Category and Subcategory Page Classification
  HR Intranet Global Search and Replace
  HR Intranet Global Views for Content, Users, Subscribers & Websites


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