HR Intranets

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Key Benefits

  Decreased company liability

  Tools to electronically track employees' acknowledgement of policies and other critical information

  A single portal to manage employee information

  Pre-Structured HR Site of forms, policies and checklists needed to jump-start your employee portal

  Easy-to-use Intranet site builder and manager

  Streamline day-to-day activities and open up more time for Strategic HR efforts

  An overall reduction in time and cost for HR Professionals

Jadworks HR Intranet Service

FeaturesWhat it means
  Pre-structured HR intranetEasy to set-up and maintain intranet service for businesses that is already set up with all the content you would need to build an employee intranet.

  Unique employee log-in

Customized and secure access for your employees so they view only appropriate information. Sign up your employees and give them the right access to the right sections of your intranet.
  Jadworks HR Intranet Service Key Features
FeaturesWhat it means
  Electronic Employee PortalHR Information self-service accessible 24 X 7 from anywhere.
  email notification / electronic signature Notify employees of policy changes, important dates and enable them to acknowledge changes.
  Site integrationIntegrates seamlessly to include other existing department websites using a shared structure.  Find employee contact and bio information that is always current for colleagues from anywhere at anytime. Allows for project collaboration across departments.

  HR Intranets: the Jadworks Way
What it isWhat it means

  Built-in designer

Creative freedom for your intranet look and feel.
  Content management toolsMaking changes quickly, wherever -  quickly change, add or delete in formation.
  Site BuilderExpandability - Build more website sections as your company grows - add new employees, new departments and project sites.
  Flexible user privilegesControl over your site - Give the right access to the right people - self-service editing for all users.
  Jadworks SupportAccess to Jadworks staff via phone, email and online.
  100% Web-based!SIMPLICITY - Nothing to download, install or manage on your local machine - manage all your company websites within a single tool. No need for IT support.


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