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Data Migration

For an hourly fee, we’ll take care of importing all of your organization’s information into your intranet. This service is ideal for larger groups or organizations that need the additional resources for a timely transition.

Group member information importing including:

  • Full migration of existing member directories - including login ids and passwords
  • Optional e-mail welcome letter sent to all members in your group
  • End-user training can be conducted via web or in person

Ongoing User Support and Training

Jadworks works closely with its customers to offer timely fixes to any software issues that are discovered from normal customer use. Customer requiring additional support that relates to product training or usage, enhancement or data migration can receive assistance via email or telephone for an hourly fee of $95 billed in 15-minute increments. Onsite support and training is also available for both hourly and daily rates depending on the customer’s location.

General Business & Technical Consulting

Services required by clients that relate to business analysis or general technology advice and recommendations are also offered by Jadworks on per hour or per day fee.

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