Jadworks Complete Glossary

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Access (usually with permission) is simply being able to retrieve and manage the content that you need.


Site Administrator


A user that has been assigned full access to the Jadworks Website, Intranet or HR Intranet and can modify all site, add and remove users and update the site look and feel.




Assigned status for content that you no longer want to publish to the website, but want to save.


Ask a Question Label


Label use describe Ask a Question function.


Attach Files


Upload files from your computer or your network onto your site.




To look t hrough your computer for files or graphics to be attached or uploaded to your website.




To cancel from work performed on the site and revert to the original version.




A technical category or "folder" of information that is displayed individually or within a group under a specific Website Menu Box or document library choice.


Bl og


Website functionality that allow members and non-members to post questions and responses in a discussion format.


Website Homepage


Area of interest in a specific site.


Website Membership


A group of users that have access to a community or area of interest.


Contact Info


People to get in touch with to discuss content and site access issues.


Content Type


Types of content that are displayed under specific Community Menu Choices such as Meeting Minutes, Presentations, White Papers, or Contracts.




Has the ability to create new content and publish it to the website and access and modify existing content.


Menu Boxes


Gives users the ability to change menu box names.


Design Element


A Header, Footer, Style Sheet, Image or Style used in the Jadworks designer to create the site look and feel.


Document Library


A container for information that is categorized and sorted by Document Type.


Document Library Label


Gives owners the ability to change the name of the document Library.




A domain name (Web address) is your Internet identity and your unique online brand.




Means you’re creating content right now, but have chosen not to publish it yet.


Edit Content


Is area to review and modify previously created content.


E-mail Notification


Sends e-mail to existing members of any new or updated content related to the particular community.




An 'Expert' is a role on the community site that is designated to respond to questions posted in the Collaborative Networking area.




(Enterprise Use Only) An instance of the Jadworks Site that is replicated to a separate server outside the company or organizat ion's fi rewall for secure access for partners, vendors and customers outside the organization.




The area of the website that is at the bottom of your browser while visiting a Jadworks Website, Intranet or HR Intranet.  Footers remain consistent anywhere on the site and can be modified using HTML from the Jadworks Designer.




Images or pictures that appear on a website.




The area of the website that is at the top of your browser while visiting a Jadworks Website, Intranet or HR Intranet.  Headers remain consistent anywhere on the site and can be modified using HTML from the Jadworks Designer.




The Hosted Jadworks solution means that you will be running your site off one of our Jadworks s ervers.




Inactive is a user that does not have current access to a secure site that was designated to them.




A public website usually used for marketing or communications to other general public.




A secure website usually used inside an organization to share internal and/or secure information.




The parameters set to a document or piece of content specifying how long the document should be available on the site and what actions are taken to archive or update it.


Look and Feel


The colors, fonts, layout and graphic imagery used on a Jadworks Website, Intranet or HR Intranet.  Look and feel can be selected by applying one of the Jadworks templates and adding or modifying your logo, or modified using the Jadworks Design to update the header, footer, stylesheet and images.


Networking Area Label


The label used to describe "Networking Area" on a particular parent site and all its related communities.




An Owner can create new Areas of Interest, Set up Taxonomy / Structure for Areas of Interest, Define Areas of Interest configuration, Assign members, experts, other owners to the website.


Posted Documents Area Label


The label used to describe "Posted Documents" on a particular parent site and all its related communities.


Product and Services


Default name used on Jadworks Templates for Custom Menu Boxes on the Internet Site.




The status assigned to documents that are ready to appear live on the website.


Questions Area Label


The label used to describe "Questioned Forum" on a particular par ent site and all its related communities.




Search for existing documents and/or content on the site.


Site Name


The full name of the site as it will appear in the browser title bar at the top of your computer screen.




The order in which you would like documents to appear on your website.




The value assigned to the document to determine whether it is made live (Published), removed (Delete), archived (Archive) or held for further editing (Draft).




A Look and Feel classification that includes a related header, footer, stylesheet and set of images.  Styles are used to create the selected look and feel applied to a site.




A set of definitions applied to the site that define the fonts, colors, placement and formatting of information displayed on your site.




The act of saving a document to the site.


Technical Contact


The person who has been designated to handle technical issues related to this area of the site.  The technical contact for a site, Parent Site or Community can be displayed in the site footer using Jadworks Dynamic JavaScript reference.


Text Editor


The editing tool provided inside Jadworks to create text and images directly.




Upload files from your computer or your network onto your site.




The address value that can be located in your browser's address box at the top of the screen.




An individual who is accessing the website.


User Profile


The document created for each user that specifies the level's of access a user has to a given site.




The name supplied to you when your account was created via the Jadworks setup wizard or your administrator.




The ability to save previous versions of a document while adding new modifications.


Welcome Text


The text that appears in the center of a home page for a Parent Site or Community.





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